• Eagle Automotive handles a variety of mechanical services.

    We offer a variety of services here at Eagle Automotive. We do everything from day-to-day maintenance to complete restorations. We offer low cost oil changes, brake services, fluid checks, transmission service, engine service, periodic maintenance and anything else that you may need. You need it? We can do it! We have the capability to work on custom cars, hotrods, classics, imports, domestics and fleetwork.

  • What do people think about Eagle Automotive.

    "Have a good experience? Write a review. We love to hear that we have happy customers and know that we are doing more than just fixing cars, we are helping people with their day to day lives."

    -Your name here!

    "Eagle Automotive has been around for over 20 years and you can tell they will be around for another 20 years! Ernie knows how to work on all the cars I have brought him, whether it be a domestic, import or luxury car. Thank you!"

    -T. Darnell, Elk Grove

    "Ernie is a great worker and has always gone above and beyond to make sure my car is in running shape and I can get to work without a worry."

    -T. Tucker, Elk Grove

    "A good mechanic is often rare. My family and I have been going to Eagle Automotive to get our cars fixed for over 15 years. The owner stands behind his work. If he can't perform the job, he will recommend someone nearby to do the work. My advice: Set up an appointment, and expect the work to take the entire day. Because of credit card surcharges, it is preferred that you pay by check or cash."

    - Mark H, Sacramento
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    If you're interested in seeing what days I am available, check out my calendar so we can set up an appointment! Job times may vary so always call ahead to schedule an appointment.